Dominating SA’s share of voice with strong opinion pieces 

At the beginning of 2020, Lenovo expressed the objective of increasing its Share of Voice (SOV)  against its competitors in the country’s PC market. At the time, the brand was heavily reliant on product releases and announcements to maintain relevance with media. To assist our client with achieving their objective, H+K proactively began profiling the company’s spokespeople, including their General Manager and Consumer Lead, in order to compile strong thought leadership pieces that would aid them in diversifying their media coverage and SOV, positioning away from purely sporadic product announcements.

To do this, H+K researched some of the most prevalent topics in the consumer technology industry, compiled questions that spoke to those topics, interviewed the spokespeople, and subsequently compiled thought-provoking, strong opinion pieces. H+K compiled these pieces at least once every two months. These articles proved to be a hit with South African technology and business media, generating over 70 pieces of coverage from a total of 4 opinion pieces issued between May 2020 and March 2021.

Ultimately, this media interest, spurred by H+K’s strong writing skills, enabled Lenovo to move from the Number 3 spot in SOV in May 2020, to the number one spot in August 2020. Since achieving the Number 1 position, H+K has continued profiling Lenovo’s spokespeople each quarter, thus maintaining the company’s Number 1 SOV in comparison to competitors for three consecutive quarters.

Sector: Consumer Packaged Goods
Specialist expertise: Media Relations
Office: Johannesburg