Repositioning of a leading brand

H+K has been working with Huawei as the company’s main PR partner since 2017, when it launched its flagship HUAWEI Mate 10 smartphone. H+K has played a role in helping the brand secure – and maintain – its Number Two smartphone position in SA in terms of market share since 2018, by ensuring it has kept top of mind with all types of media.

In 2019, Huawei needed to reposition its brand in South Africa from being known primarily as a smartphone company to being known for all kinds of quality tech devices focused on improving the consumers’ life – from tablets to fitness watches to laptops. This reflected Huawei’s global Seamless AI Life Strategy, with the aim of linking multiple smart devices in today’s “all-connected” and intelligent age.

In order to reposition Huawei to consumers, H+K recommended a content strategy that was not solely brand focused, but rather focused on how each new product could enhance consumers’ lives. We developed custom messaging for each target audience, and for various types of media. H+K also positioned Huawei executives as experts on technology’s potential to improve the way we live and recommended how strategic partnerships with KOLs could further leverage Huawei’s repositioning.

The strategy was further supported by an execution where H+K’s strong media relationships helped secure significant coverage across lifestyle, business and tech media.

An example that illustrates the success of this strategy is Huawei’s wearables range. In 2020, the brand launched three fitness watches over six months. In that time, H+K was able to secure 112 pieces of coverage for Huawei. The brand now has the Number One position in wearables in SA in terms of sales figures.

Sector: Consumer Packaged Goods
Office: Johannesburg