Using sector knowledge to get a small client big coverage 


In 2018 Bayakha Investment Partners, an independent specialist infrastructure fund manager, approached H+K to announce its partnership with Eaglestone Advisory, an infrastructure investment bank, as well as the launch of its Transformational Infrastructure Fund to qualifying investors. The small and relatively unknown client was seeking earned coverage in top Tier One business publications to attract investors and build the company’s brand.

H+K, with its deep sector knowledge of the financial services industry, and specifically the investment landscape, saw the opportunity to get the company’s views, and news of the partnership, in the media.

H+K prepared a press release for the client focusing on an angle that would be newsworthy for business publications. The press release, which was distributed to a finely curated media list of the top business publications in South Africa, focused on alternative investments, i.e. infrastructure, as an emerging real return asset class and the opportunities to diversify an investor’s portfolio.

H+K exceeded the client’s expectations and secured interviews and coverage in the foremost business publications in South Africa, including Business Day and Moneyweb.

Sector: Financial + Professional Services
Office: Johannesburg