In a globalized age where information can cross borders quicker than it can cross a room in conversation, companies and organizations of all sizes are discovering the hard way that their greatest asset, information, is also their greatest risk. When data is lost into the public sphere how do you manage stakeholder concern and take control of an uncontrollable situation?

Hackers, anarchists, governments and other groups are all causing data breaches for their own reasons whether political, commercial or otherwise. Once data is lost, it is a case of undertaking forensic investigation and awaiting results. During that time stakeholders will still expect reassurance, action and answers. Robust, confident communication is key at this juncture to protect a company’s reputation and ensure its license to operate isn’t called into question.

H+K has unparalleled success of supporting clients in this area by engaging with a host of strategic communications services, which ensure clients can navigate through these difficult episodes as painlessly as possible. The key is to be prepared and to respond proportionately.

Tim Luckett

Global Head of Crisis Communications


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